Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

By Terry O'Neill / December 18, 2019
Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Back in the days, we used to play long hours of video games sitting in hard wooden chairs, I remember sitting back and playing the best Tony Hawk skateboarding game of the time on a wooden chair or on the edge of the sofa… We were kids and of course it’s not much big of a deal. To be able to play video games is what we need. Fast-forward to today, you may want to ask how your spine’s doing after all those years of video gaming. I know what you’re thinking, you may be better off investing in a gaming chair. Nah, perhaps your dad’s got a spare office chair in the garage. It could beat the hassle for all you know. But really, are gaming chairs worth it? And their associates price…

Gaming chairs are practically office chairs, with just the added sleek racing design ergonomics and different colorways. While office chairs often come in black, they both tackle one aim, and that is to provide comfortability during long hours of sitting in front of the computer. No more, no less. For added gaming character and experience (and sometimes through recommendation of some sort), yes, I would say one could save up for one, but they do not have to cost a fortune, when shopping for a chair I checked out this review by icontrolpad of the best chairs under $200. But most average gamers will usually just settle with what they got. Necessity-wise, what I’m trying to say is it’s not as important as your gaming mouse or keyboard. With all fairness, I’m not highlighting that its importance is at the lowest point of the category of gaming importance. Think of if this way, every game you play is a fictional strategy you’re trying to overcome, defeat, survive, and win. Every strategy you plot or plan requires proper mind and body coordination. Your mind and body coordination comes in handy if you’re focused, relaxed, and comfortable. During gaming, that would be a result of sitting in the right equipment.

Office Chair vs Gaming Chair (FIGHT!)

Thing is you can get a decent office chair for just a fraction of the price of a normal gaming chair. And yes, as comfortable as what a gaming chair would offer. It is really just a case to case basis for everyone in line with a few common factors of budget, preference, and end-result. We’ve all seen the coolest gaming chairs in esports tournaments, content creators, online reviews, or whenever you’re in a gaming outlet hub. I know that feeling everytime you saw one. It’s like a missing piece of your gaming setup puzzle. Imagine a gaming chair that perfectly matches the colorway of your overall setup. Looks like a professional one I bet. Of course, gaming chairs are worth it. It is worth it for the look. If you’re keen to score one, I highly suggest to check in with the real-world reviews first of that particular brand or model. Also, your height and weight will be the main requirements in your search for the right gaming chair. 

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