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    Tony Hawk Proven Ground Game Review

    By THPG / September 3, 2018

    Gaming franchises come and go, however, not many can say they’ve launched a whole genre from the dirt into a successful campaign. Neversoft did that in 1999 with Tony Hawk Pro-Skater. Since then sequels have been made that changed the gaming skating scene. 2007’s Tony Hawk Proving Ground shuffles around split game progression and structure […]


    Best Skateboarding Games of All Time!

    By THPG / May 22, 2018

    The ultimate round up of skateboarding games is here! We have listed the best skateboarding video games out there. As we reviewed games from the last two decades you might have to fire up an emulator to enjoy playing these games or dig out an old console, but it is something worth doing! 1. Tony […]


    Gaming Router Buyers Guide

    By THPG / March 1, 2018

    If you need to know what is important when looking for a wireless router for gaming then you are in the right place! Nowadays, wireless routers are universal, which means manufacturers are releasing more and more models. These devices enable you to connect your computer with a broadband Internet service, allowing you to share data […]