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Tony Hawk Proven Ground Game Review
Gaming franchises come and go, however, not many can say they’ve launched a whole genre from the dirt into a[...]
Best Skateboarding Games of All Time!
The ultimate round up of skateboarding games is here! We have listed the best skateboarding video games out there. As[...]
Tony Hawk Proven Ground Game Review
Gaming franchises come and go, however, not many can say they’ve launched a whole genre from the dirt into a successful campaign. Neversoft did that in 1999 with Tony Hawk Pro-Skater. Since then sequels have been made that changed the gaming skating scene. 2007’s Tony Hawk Proving Ground shuffles around split game progression and structure of an open world setting. With the same solid skating formula from previous games, it felt like the effort the put in by other competitors was so little that their games become frustrating due to the high standards set. Needless to say, Neversoft became the pacesetters in the genre.The standards set by the earlier versions of the game were almost matchless. Additionally, its progression over the years has featured incredible derivations. After several ups and downs, mainly because their previous titles such as Tony Hawk Pro-skater was encompassing and groundbreaking. So much so that adding the much needed new element to the blueprint became almost impossible. Annual updates have featured additional elements until the ninth title to the series, Tony Hawk Proving Ground.The game had some major tweaks but regardless it was still lacking. Don’t get me wrong, some features such as the compartmentalization of the story; career, hardcore and “rigger” path, are certainly welcome, however, the game is becoming primeval. With EA’s Skate now on the map, Proving Ground faced its direct competition. Now more than ever, the lack of improvements to the earlier designs are apparent. Nevertheless, Neversoft's signature series has had its moments. There are some bits that make Proving Ground worth your time. For instances, the gameplay is broken down into three distinct “modes,” career mode where pro skaters team up with you and shoot skating video with you. Hardcore mode where Dustin Dollin and Mike Vallely tech you how to properly knock down pedestrians and lastly, there is the “rigger” mode where Daewon Song and Jeff King show you the puzzle part of the game where you come up with new tricks and uncover new pieces in the environment. Additionally, the gameplay features nondenominational chalk challenge goals that ask you to wall ride, grind and move from one mark to the next. Each challenge has a different difficulty level, ranging from immature to sick. From these modes, they are further divided into episodes which aim at giving the skater a variety of goals. Bob Burnquist’s goals include learning new tricks before taking on a competition. Barn Margera’s objective is one of climbing around rather than skating. Although you have to skate a bit to distract him from his TV show. Lance Mountain teaches you to slash grind and carve bowl, two of the exclusive game’s additions. Tying it all up is a meter bar which, once full, advances your career to the next stage. The goals earn you a shoe sponsor, your own video, signature board and other XP rewards. As you progress through your career you form a team which ultimately unlocks more rewards. Obviously, there's more to do and see once the grand finale is over, from the high score to classical mode, the quality of the challenges are spot on.The new features and tricks are impressive, for instance, the ability to push around the objects or performing a manual after pushing yourself against the wall. Some felt a little forced, like the carved bowl, intended to help you skate along the rail or on carved ramps. While grinding you require some balance, there is none of it here. All you do is press a button and away you carve and slice.An additional feature that draws us all in is that there aren’t any underlying story lines. You can complete bits of the story whenever you want. You no longer have to repeatedly struggle to pass one point to complete the story.


The audio is up to standard, although the skateboard and open world sound are commendable they seem recycled. Most of the voicing is done by pro skaters who detract from the connecting with the game. Generally, the voice overs are excellent, however, Mike Valley stands out by delivering a believable firm and tough character. One of the biggest challenges that came with Proving Ground was that some goals and tasks had been previously featured in earlier titles. If you are a fan of the series, you will probably find it half-satisfying. It has the right amount of game play to keep you busy but you’ll be disappointed at some point by this entry.
Best Skateboarding Games of All Time!
The ultimate round up of skateboarding games is here! We have listed the best skateboarding video games out there. As we reviewed games from the last two decades you might have to fire up an emulator to enjoy playing these games or dig out an old console, but it is something worth doing!

1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater part 3

This third title is a series reigns supreme despite being released for the last 15 years ago. Metacritic still ranks this game as among the best. It has an honor of being rated number one on the play station 2. So, if you haven’t got a chance to play the game, you are missing out. THPS 3 is the best game to play even without PS2 around. Grab an ISO and then emulate into your computer and enjoy the great game.

2. Skate

As Tony Hawk ruled the streets, something new came, and it was Skate. The control system simple button press was done away with it and a more "organic" interface replaced it. Here, you can make the skater do some different tricks. The control system is hard to learn due to its unique appeal. This uniqueness makes Skate give the player an authentic experience. The shock only comes when you try to learn after having used Pro Skater. It becomes worth after pulling off the satisfying tricks. In the story, it mimics Tony Hawk’s underground. The player travels around the city as he completes challenges and gaining acclaim.

3. Tony Hawk’s Underground

With Skate redefining the genre, Underground was able to set the bar higher regarding skateboarding games. In this game, you play alone instead of the pro skater. There were different environments for the Underground video game, unlike the previous titles. The story in the video game is entertaining, the skating becomes fun, and different opportunities for customization will make you feel like a protagonist skater. The ability to explore the variety of cities will give you different skating game options.

4. Skate 2

After sticking with an earlier similar formula, Skate 2 has been able to surpass its predecessor. The game is still challenging and rewarding, and its control system differs the game from Hawk games. It is full of tricks than Skate, an earlier version and it makes you practice and learns for hours. It has the slight dystopian storyline that stands out in the other skateboarding video games. To take back a skate scene, you will require new tricks, challenges, and contests. It was able to propel after being released on Tony Hawk’s dry spell and a throne in the world video game.

5. Olli olli 2

The first Olliolli was able to break from a successful formula that was developed by Skater and Pro Skater. This game will keep your toes on by throwing new levels that have unexpected obstacles. Besides, it also has a creative level design, gorgeous art and unmatchable dose of adrenaline after you land on the trick you have been trying for the past hour. You should not let simple design to fool you because you will sink many of your hours into it.
Gaming Router Buyers Guide
If you need to know what is important when looking for a wireless router for gaming then you are in the right place! Nowadays, wireless routers are universal, which means manufacturers are releasing more and more models. These devices enable you to connect your computer with a broadband Internet service, allowing you to share data files and stream games between Wi-Fi/mobile devices. However, when buying a wireless router for gaming, you need to consider several factors. That’s because the manufacturers of routers are continually implementing new standards, for example, 802.11g, 802.11ac and 802.11n which indicate the router capabilities. We dive in and provide a summary of what's important when buying a wireless router for gaming below.

What to Look For When Buying a Wireless Router for Gaming

Wi-Fi Network Speeds

When checking the manufacturer's speed declaration, you may find it listed as 350Mb/sec to 1900Mb/sec. However, in environments with doors, appliances, walls and other barriers, which separate the router from its devices, you may fail to achieve these speeds. However, those manufactured with standards such as the 802.11ac can be able to stream high definition games over a reasonable distance. That’s provided there aren’t many obstacles between your router and its client.

Wireless Data Security

Wireless networks provide you with many benefits along with some downsides. When purchasing them, you should ensure they can at least support the WPA2 protocol. Any device you add to your gaming network should be able to support the WPA2. Some routers are made with advanced family or enterprise protection in mind. They can block unwanted users from the network, add extra encryption and view what people are browsing.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The (QoS) is not related to the quality of Internet connection you will get. What it refers to is the set of mechanism in the router's firmware that keeps specific resources for diverse applications. You can use QoS to optimize your gaming network performance with video streaming, online games and similar applications.

The Number of Bands

For many years, manufacturers have provided clients with dual-band routers. In recent times, many are offering tri-band routers as well. Dual-band means that your router has two radios that include one running on the 5.0GHz frequency band and the other on the 2.4GHz frequency band. This design lets you set up two wireless networks that are separate. Make sure you read the details carefully when buying routers since some have one radio that can operate using the two bands.

USB Support

Make sure you pay attention to the generation of the USB support. The reason is some routers for gaming have a single combination for the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports while others have separate ones. If you plan to attach any gaming accessories, you should consider those with at least one USB 3.0 port.


The above post on what to look for when buying a wireless router for gaming should make the process of purchasing one easier. Make sure you plan your budget estimates and read online reviews of the best routers for gaming to enable you to find the right option.