Best Skateboarding Games of All Time!

By THPG / May 22, 2018
Best Skateboarding Games

The ultimate round up of skateboarding games is here! We have listed the best skateboarding video games out there. As we reviewed games from the last two decades you might have to fire up an emulator to enjoy playing these games or dig out an old console, but it is something worth doing!

1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater part 3

This third title is a series reigns supreme despite being released for the last 15 years ago. Metacritic still ranks this game as among the best. It has an honor of being rated number one on the play station 2. So, if you haven’t got a chance to play the game, you are missing out.

THPS 3 is the best game to play even without PS2 around. Grab an ISO and then emulate into your computer and enjoy the great game.

2. Skate

As Tony Hawk ruled the streets, something new came, and it was Skate. The control system simple button press was done away with it and a more “organic” interface replaced it. Here, you can make the skater do some different tricks.

The control system is hard to learn due to its unique appeal. This uniqueness makes Skate give the player an authentic experience. The shock only comes when you try to learn after having used Pro Skater. It becomes worth after pulling off the satisfying tricks.

In the story, it mimics Tony Hawk’s underground. The player travels around the city as he completes challenges and gaining acclaim.

3. Tony Hawk’s Underground

With Skate redefining the genre, Underground was able to set the bar higher regarding skateboarding games. In this game, you play alone instead of the pro skater. There were different environments for the Underground video game, unlike the previous titles.

The story in the video game is entertaining, the skating becomes fun, and different opportunities for customization will make you feel like a protagonist skater. The ability to explore the variety of cities will give you different skating game options.

4. Skate 2

After sticking with an earlier similar formula, Skate 2 has been able to surpass its predecessor. The game is still challenging and rewarding, and its control system differs the game from Hawk games. It is full of tricks than Skate, an earlier version and it makes you practice and learns for hours.

It has the slight dystopian storyline that stands out in the other skateboarding video games. To take back a skate scene, you will require new tricks, challenges, and contests. It was able to propel after being released on Tony Hawk’s dry spell and a throne in the world video game.

5. Olli olli 2

The first Olliolli was able to break from a successful formula that was developed by Skater and Pro Skater. This game will keep your toes on by throwing new levels that have unexpected obstacles. Besides, it also has a creative level design, gorgeous art and unmatchable dose of adrenaline after you land on the trick you have been trying for the past hour. You should not let simple design to fool you because you will sink many of your hours into it.

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